Henan Profession Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Henan Profession Chemicals Co., Ltd. is located in Henan Province, is a professional supplier of disinfectant and bactericides . These products are widely used in swimming pools,hospitals,wast water treatment,oilfield, detergent fields, and other public places as well as aquaculture and the textile industry.
The main products: Potassium Monopersulfate 4000MT/year, Calcium peroxide 4000MT/year, Zinc Peroxide 2000MT/year, Benzalkonium Chloride 5000MT/year, CMIT/MIT 4000MT/year, OIT 2000MT/year, PHMG 1000MT/year, PHMB 1000MT/year, Glutaraldehyde 10000MT/year, Calcium Hypochlorite 20000MT/year.
These products mainly export to Europe, North America, Middle east, Asia, and other countries as well as Lation American . Welcome friends from all around the world to establish long-term business relationships with us. We'll offer perfect products as well as professional service.