4,5-dichloro-2n-octyl-3-isothiazolone(DCOIT) 64359-81-5 DESCRIPTION Product Name:4,5-dichloro-2n-octyl-3-isothiazolone(DCOIT) CAS No.:64359-81-5 Appearance: Off yellow white wax Molecular formula:C11H17Cl2NOS Molecular weight:282.23 SPECIFI 


4,5-dichloro-2n-octyl-3-isothiazolone(DCOIT)  64359-81-5
Product Name:4,5-dichloro-2n-octyl-3-isothiazolone(DCOIT)
CAS No.: 64359-81-5
Appearance: Off yellow white wax
Molecular formula: C11H17Cl2NOS
Molecular weight: 282.23

Application fieldS 
DCOIT is suitable for the purposes of preventing corrosion and contamination in marine paints
Performance characteristics
1. Used as a broad-spectrum, long-lasting bactericide.
2. Easy to operate; can be added in any production step.
3. Good compatibility with marine paints; not insoluble in water; soluble in oil-based marine paints
4. Thermal stability; easy to use.
5. Low solubility in water, thus bring lasting effects.
6. With the best results proved by up to five years of underwater tests 
Usage and Cautions 
1. Suitable for use in all marine paints. Can effectively kill many bacteria and mildews like penicillium notatum, basidiomycetes, aspergillus niger, fusarium, and curvularia. Can be added at any production step for use; it is recommended to adopt the concentration of 5 ~ 15% (w/w).
2. Operational instruction must be strictly followed. Avoid any contact with the skin. Wear protective clothes, goggles, and rubber gloves in operation. Once any contact with the skin happens, wash the skin immediately with plenty of water and soaps; when it splashes into eyes, wash immediately with plenty of water and buffer solutions.
180 kg per drum

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